The 99 Show Schedule

The 99 is a great live band! See the show schedule below to check out one of their high energy live performances. This page is updated regularly so be sure to check back for future dates.

DateVenueAddressNotesLinksShow Time
08-01-2020Tuscola Palooza2425 Rossman Rd, Caro, MIWith Bloodstone, Infamous Quick, SugarPunk Fairies, and more!More Info10am - 12mid
DateVenueAddressNotesLinksShow Time
01-10-2020The Machine Shop3539 S Dort Hwy, Flint, MIIn support of Have A CigarMore Info7:00pm
08-10-2019TuscolaPaloozaLake Platinum, 2425 Rossman Rd, Caro, MICrazy Babies, Infamous Quick, Jon Fett Quartet and more!More InfoMusic starts 1pm
09-15-2018Buick City Event Center812 Leith St, Flint MIWith the Blue Hawaains and Ramble OnMore Info8pm
08-18-2018Lapeer DaysDowntown LapeerIn direct support of SalivaMore Info8:30pm
08-06-2018The Sanctuary1501 Outer Dr E, Detroit MIWith El EscapadoMore Info7:30pm
07-27-2018The Machine Shop3539 S Dort Hwy, Flint MIWith Kougaran, Nasty Jack, Cybil & The BeastMore Info7pm
01-19-2018The Machine Shop3539 S Dort Hwy, Flint MIIn support of Saving Abel!More Info7pm
07-22-2017Vassar Summer RocksVassar, MIPrivate mini-FestivalMore Info7:45pm
07-15-2017Flint Motorcycle Club9244 Farrand Rd, Otisville MI17th Annual Music FestivalMore Info8:30pm
02-18-2017Corunna Road Bar3110 Corunna Road, Flint MIKeep on Rockin!More Info8pm
01-20-2017The Machine Shop3539 S Dort Hwy, Flint MIIn support of BOBAFLEX!More Info7pm
12-03-2016Jesters Lounge3112 Center Rd G, Flint MIBenefit ShowMore Info7pm
11-11-2016Corunna Road Bar3110 Corunna Rd, Flint MIRockin in the Hood!More Info9pm
10-28-2016Cloverleaf Bar & Grill13508 N Saginaw, Clio MICostumes for CancerMore Info7pm
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