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Welcome to "Truth Bridge", the second album from Flint, Michigan Roots Rock band The99. Here you will find a collection of songs accumulated since 2016 after the release of the band's first record, "Rise of The 99". This album represents the perspectives and ideals of four songwriters. It is musical expression of their personal, business, and social lives. The intent is to spread positive messages to promote truth, equality, unity, and justice. We invite you to listen and download any or all of the tracks (just click the vertical three dots and choose download). If you can afford to, we would be honored if you would also order a physical copy of the CD for $9.99. If you can't afford it, we offer the digital version for free - we only ask that you share the music with someone you care about. Below, you can download individual tracks from the album, or the entire CD. Download the album art, and you can create your own CD at home.

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The Beatdown


Trailer Park Love Song

The Place You Hide



I Am A King

End Of Days

The Secret

Into Fire

Truth Bridge